We’ve been working on something very special the past few months…

This is the Breaking Barriers Podcast from Virgin, proudly produced by us at Stabl. Fronted by the incredibly talented and inspiring Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Breaking Barriers is a series of six episodes that each confront societal barriers to the workplace.

We place decision makers with those struggling to find their way due to a variety of barriers that life throws up. Unsurprisingly, barriers to the workplace can come in many forms, from physical disabilities through to race, gender, mental health issues and even motherhood (the subject of our very first episode). Throughout the series we deal with several big ones head on.

The conversations are intimate. They are not scripted in any way. The people involved hadn’t met previously and we recorded each episode outside of a studio environment. What you’ll hear are two people at either end of the career spectrum talking honestly and frankly about the challenges they face.

Breaking Barriers is an in-focus area for Virgin.