Two new series from Stabl in the space of a week? November really is turning out OK, isn’t it?

Changing The Record is a short series to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of an incredible organisation, The Irene Taylor Trust. The Irene Taylor Trust work with some of the most vulnerable and excluded people in society, inspiring them through the power of music, working with people in prison and then supporting them as they transition back into their communities on the outside.

In each episode, we have showcased their work by hearing the stories of people whose lives have been transformed by working with the Trust, both inside and outside prison.

Sara Lee, Creative Director for The Irene Taylor Trust said this about the project:

“Any media which focuses on such a sensitive subject, needs to be approached with integrity and understanding. Using personal stories to get to the core of just WHY it’s so important to do what we do, Becky and Eve have created 2 extraordinary podcasts, showing care and respect for the work and the people whose stories they told. It’s been an amazing experience to work with them and we are beyond thrilled with the outcome. They have worked hard to understand the depth our work and have created something exciting, relevant, poignant, and timeless which will help us to continue to tell what is a really important story for years to come.”

I’m proud of everything we make, but this work has a special meaning for me, as the first ever doc I produced for the BBC was about this incredible The Irene Taylor Trust, which I pitched after reading a story about them in a magazine over 15 years ago. The experience was massive for me, and it was the thing that cemented my love for telling stories with sound. The original programme was called The Lockdown, which seems strangely poignant.

All these years later, it’s been an absolute joy to work on this project which was produced by Eve Streeter and myself and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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