Stabl welcomes Alice Homewood to the team as a full-time producer. We’re thrilled to have her on board! Here’s Alice in her own words…

My dad has a trick that he claims can get him access to anywhere. All you have to do is walk up to
security, or the doorman, or whoever’s between you and your desired location and say. ‘Hi there, I
just need to pick up some jerry cans.’ It sounds just official and baffling enough to work most of the
time, and often he’s waved through.

In my experience, a microphone does the same job. It’s a golden ticket, an ‘Access All Areas’ pass
that allows you to go into places you’d never normally be able to. It’s a key to unlock information
people would never normally dare to divulge.

As a podcast producer I’ve found myself attending Strong Man contests in Nottinghamshire
warehouses; having tea from a silver teapot in a house stuck in the Georgian times, and chatting
with proper, old-school Bristolians in a men-only barbers.

So, am I only making podcasts because I’m nosy? Maybe.

Whatever my motive, I’m delighted to be joining the Stabl team as a new producer. Obviously I’ve
signed stacks of forms and NDAs that mean I can’t tell you about all of our upcoming projects but,
rest assured, you’re going to be hooked.

The cat’s out of the bag when it comes to Stabl’s newest acquisition, Swipe Left Swipe Left. A
warm, funny and, at times, seriously shocking podcast from the wonderful Gavin Wong and award
winning Claire Crofton. I can’t wait to help these two out with Season Two. Exclusive access to the
most cringeworthy of all dating stories? Yes please.

In radio there’s a term for a truly captivating audio experience: the ice cream moment. The idea is
that you find yourself sitting in your car, outside your house, on tenterhooks listening to the end of a gripping radio documentary. In the boot behind you a load of freshly-bought ice cream melts into
puddles, forgotten and longing for the freezer. These are the kinds of stories all producers want to
tell. They’re made of some kind of witchy concoction of human warmth, shock-factor and

You’ll find these attributes in Swipe Left Swipe Left, and in all my favourite podcasts: the classic
This American Life, Lea Thau’s Strangers, and the stunning Caliphate from the New York Times, to
name just a few. I’ve been listening to some of these since the days when you had to download
podcasts onto a desktop computer, connect your iPod classic with a cable (a cable! Can you
imagine?) and wait full minutes for them to upload, but it took me a few years to get to the point
where I was actually making them.

During those years I learned a lot of skills that have proved invaluable. First, I wrote a lot of poetry
(some good, most terrible) while studying Creative Writing at UEA in Norwich, then I got really into grammar while doing an MA in Linguistics at Cardiff University (I have a lot to say about the
international use of swear words) and finally I ended up writing and directing TV commercials for
several years. Honestly you haven’t lived until you’ve directed a roomful of tired kids in a thirty-
second Star Wars parody.

Throughout, radio and podcasting have been my passion, but it wasn’t until I got a place on an MA
in Radio Documentary at UWE Bristol that I really got stuck into audio storytelling. This BBC-
partnered course gave me access to BBC Radio 4 producers and editors, and taught me a lot.
Since then I’ve been freelancing, producing documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and the National Trust
podcast, among others.

All this has led me here to Stabl, and that golden ticket of a microphone. And if the mic doesn’t
open those doors, there are always jerry cans to fall back on.