We’re back, busy working away on season 2 of our original podcast Swipe Left Swipe Left, which will be dropping later this year. But in the meantime, we thought we’d give you a taster of what’s to come with a mini Valentine’s Day special.

Do you or your friends have any tales of dating disasters or hilarious heartache? We want your stories for the next series! Submit your stories via our voicemail (+44 20 3920 7697) or email your voice note to podcasts@wearestabl.com and it could feature at the end of a new episode in season 2.

swipeleftswipeleft.com for more information

Swipe Left Swipe Left is produced by Claire Crofton and Gavin Wong

Executive producer is Alice Homewood for Stabl

Graphics: Archie Crofton

Theme music: George Taylor

Becky Jacobs heads up tea and biscuits

Audio sample: Waltz for a Memory by Mela (Free Music Archive)

Made in Bristol for Stabl Limited