Well 2020 has been a funny old thing hasn’t it? But could that be a glimmer of hope on the horizon?: A possible vaccine for the virus; a new president heading to Washington; and now a second season for our groundbreaking series, Reimagine for The Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, SBS at The University of Oxford, produced by Eve Streeter and presented by Peter Drobac

We’re calling the new series, Systems Reset.

Covid-19 has exposed the deep flaws in our relationship with the world and each other. We all long for a return to normality, but is “back to normal” really what we want? We need to seize this moment to reimagine our systems.

In this series you’ll meet the visionaries who are revolutionising the story of who we are, how we see the world, and how we connect to it. We’ll be talking about our role in an entangled ecosystem, the need for long-term thinking, redesigning public health and economic systems and how to cut structural racism out at the roots.

Here’s what our host Peter had to say about it:

“We were so pleased with the response that Reimagine received from around the world when it launched this Spring and we’re thrilled to be back for series two. Our world is in crisis right now and I think we all have a responsibility, not just to respond to the suffering that’s all around us but also to seize the opportunity to move from crisis to transformation. That’s exactly what we’ll do in series two of Reimagine, which we’re calling: ‘Systems Reset.’

The Covid 19 pandemic is really just a symptom of the flaws in our systems. We’re facing, not just a public health crisis but an economic crisis, a climate crisis and a crisis of racial and social injustice and these are the issues that we’ll tackle in this series. We have some amazing guests lined up and some of the people will be familiar to you and some of the voices will be people that you need to know. All of our guests are on the leading edge of Reimagining our world and building the kind of future that we want.”

This series is a joy to be involved with and a must listen. To subscribe and catch up with series 1, click here