The show is a treasure trove of exclusive audio content produced by some of the world’s best audiophiles and storytellers. In this show, we really do hear the unheard. StoryNotes offers the listener an opportunity to be privy to fantastic stories that tug at the heartstrings, make you laugh-out-loud and most of all, force you to reflect.

Each week, hosts David McGuire and Alice Homewood invite a guest editor onto the programme to showcase their work and ask them questions about it. We discover the context around the pieces; the passion and the person behind the creation; and the motivation behind the stories they wanted to tell.

Season 1 features stories of all kinds, including: naked train trips, drilling holes in heads to get high, ethics of killing wildlife, intimate conversations with family that have since passed and even the fictional world of a tattooist in space. This is eclectic storytelling at its very best served up by the people who know them the best.