Would you sacrifice everything to blow the whistle?

Whistleblowers Podcast

In this series we tell the stories of some of the world’s bravest people. Meet the extraordinary doctors, scientists and civil servants who risked their careers, lives and even the safety of their families to stand up to those who refuse to tell the truth.

This is Whistleblowers.

Oscar Simonson: Simonson vs Macchiarini (episode sample)

This is the story of two doctors – an angel and a devil.

We all know that doctors get things wrong once in a while… but what about when the same mistake happens not once, not twice, but twenty times?

Oscar Simonson had great hopes for his future when he started working under one of his heroes, Paolo Macchiarini, but by the end of their working relationship, Simonson’s career was in ruins, and several lives had been lost forever.

At what point does an accident become something more sinister?

Voice: Patricia Rodriguez

Production format: single-narrative storytelling; world-class sound design; scripting; and voice over.

Stabl is a premium production company based in Bristol and London, UK.