Is it odd to be excited about a new podcast series focussing on death? I hope not.

The Dead Club Podcast is an 8 part podcast series that brings to life British band, Tunng’s ground-breaking collaborative musical project, Dead Club: a meditation on loss and a riotous trip through life in all its goodness, oddness and wonder.

This project is a labour of love for me- full disclosure I’m a double agent here, doubling up as part of the aforementioned band Tunng. Back in the latter part of 2018, when we started talking about this project- exploring our culture’s relationship to death and dying- we knew we couldn’t do it without a significant research phase, we are not and never will be experts on this subject so we wanted to talk to people who were. Once we embarked on the research and started to approach people to have these conversations we were delighted to discover that people we had long admired were open to talking to us.

We have interviewed people who have studied death, written about it, and documented it, but also those whose lives have touched it and have been close to it as well those for whom death is all in a day’s work. In the series we speak to Philosopher AC Grayling, illusionist, Derren Brown, musician Speech Debelle, author and palliative care Physician Kathryn Mannix, philosopher and writer Alain De Botton, poetry editor of the New Yorker, Kevin Young and Professor of Forensic Anthropology, Dame Sue Black. In each episode one of these conversations is presented in depth, in all its detail. Underpinning and punctuating each episode is a soundscape formed from the new music created for this album, and you’ll also hear the voices of the various members of Tunng talking about the subject and what it means to us.

The first episode is available to download on the 1 st September and features author Max Porter. His book Grief is the Thing With Feathers was a key inspiration for the project initially and he is a collaborator on the record too. Subscribe here

If you or somebody you know needs support in relation to any aspect of death, dying or grief you may find the following sites useful.

Tunng Presents The Dead Club Podcast is a Stabl production and was made possible in part thanks to public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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