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Title: Song By Song
Type: Music, Tom Waits
Recommended by Stabl reader, Eric Benson.
He says, "This is probably the most grown-up podcast I’ve listened to in a while. I love that Isy Suttie - from Peep Show fame - is a guest host who brings an added dynamic to a topic I don’t know much about. Serious Music Chat (SMC), around 15 minutes per episode."
We say, "If you're a fan of Tom Wait, this is a no-brainer. But even if you aren't, this series still has something for the eternally inquisitive."
Description: Martin Zaltz Austwick and Sam Pay discuss the entire Tom Waits discography, episode by episode, song by song.
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Title: Ghosts In The Burbs
Type: Horror, Story-Telling
Recommended by Dana from the Bello Collective.
She says, "Ghosts in the Burbs. To some, October means sweaters, PSLs, and football. To me, October means sweaters, Reese’s pumpkins, and horror podcasts. My first horror binge of the season went to Ghosts in the Burbs. The subdued, slow, and realistic feel of the ongoing story was both exactly what I wanted in my listening binge and also a huge mistake which led me to locking myself in the bathroom to hang out in a safe space until my husband came home. Starting as a blog, the podcast series is read by Liz Sauer, a writer and children’s librarian in Wellesley, Massachusetts who sets out to naively just collect ghost stories of the town … without becoming a paranormal target herself."
We say, "The genius of this podcast is in its simplicity - a first-person narrative with some added sound FX. Boo!"
Description: Ghosts In The Burbs is a podcast about the ghosties living in Wellesley, Massachusetts and the suburbanites who encounter them.
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Title: What If World
Type: Story-telling, Children's
Recommended by Guardian Podcasts.
They say, "Every week, Mr Eric answers a what-if question from a kid who has called in, coming up with an impromptu 15-minute story full of adventure and excitement. You never know what new characters you’ll meet or where the story will take you, and there is always a lovely lesson to learn. My son and I love it. It really is quite magical."
Description: What if a tiny dragon lived in my closet? What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? What if cats ruled the world? Join Abacus P Grumbler, Randall Radbot, and Whendiana Joan as they help Mr. Eric tell wacky stories inspired by your questions!
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Title: The Decision
Type: Sport, Basketball
Recommended by the ever on-it Ben Cannon from the Constant Listener.
He says, "Make no mistake, The Decision is not sports radio. Even though the central premise is about passionate fandom, there is an absence of bluster. Instead the program consists largely of easy going, often erudite conversations, touching as much on the Instagram accounts of players as their history and playing style. Guests run the gamut, including podcasters, journalists, comedians, filmmakers and kind of everywhere in between. It’s this everyman take that positions the show to also serve as an entree into the sport for the uninitiated."
We say, "The concept is a little hard to take in being a soccer/football fan based in the UK - the thought of changing one's team is unthinkable - however, this is an intriguing mini-series nevertheless. Nicely produced and food-for-thought for those who watch basketball occasionally but are not yet affiliated with a team. Swish!"
Description: This is The Decision: The podcast where people try to convince host Alex Kapelman to finally abandon The Knicks, and become a fan of their favorite team. The Decision is produced by Alex Kapelman. Original music from Louis Stein, Alessio Romano, and Scott Kapelman. There will be five new episodes of the show every weekday until Tuesday, October 17, when the final episode will be released.
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Title: Some Noise
Type: Documentary, History
Recommended by the awesome The Auditors.
They say, "This hard-to-define indie podcast is a thing of spectacular ambition and ravenous curiosity, presenting deeply-reported episodes that seek to understand what it means to be American. Host and producer Najib Aminy is a journalist by trade, and it shows. Pounding the pavement from mosques to wrestling rings, he is equipped with the tools of a reporter: a nose for a story, an easy rapport with people, an instinct for when to speak and when to be quiet. Interviews and actuality are cut with archival audio and Aminy's reserved narration, and though episodes are long, they aren't formless. They unfold deliberately and one must absorb them patiently (a healthy prescription for restless podcast reviewers). "
We say, "Sometime the presenter alone makes the piece worth listening to, and this is very mucht he case here. Well worth a binge."
Description: It's a show about stories and the foolish pursuit of life, clarity and context. Stories that confront, challenge and question our preconceived notions of Uncle Sam’s culture, tradition and identity. And stories that focus on the purpose of common folk—be it those who spend their Fridays in a wrestling ring or those that attend Sunday service, and ask why?
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Title: Reply All (specific episodes)
Type: Technology, non-fiction
Recommended by Ella Watts from The Podcasters' Support Group.
She says, "Well, [I was recommended] Long Distance and Long Distance Part II from the show Reply All, and honestly it was brilliant!"
We say, "This show is a regular in our stabl of shows, f'sure. Excellent, as always from the Gimlet team, and these specials are particularly gripping and well-produced."
Description: A podcast about the internet from Gimlet Media, hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman.
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Title: The Thread with OZY
Type: History
Recommended by the Guardian.
They say, "“What makes someone kill their own hero in cold blood?” That’s the question asked by The Thread with OZY (iTunes), an addictive podcast that takes a short and snappy journey through history. “We turn back the clock one story at a time to reveal how various strands are woven together to create a historic figure, big idea or an unthinkable tragedy,” says narrator Sean Braswell.
The Thread is one of those podcasts that you can’t dip in and out of: start at the beginning, with the murder of John Lennon. Braswell keeps each episode tight, so within 20 minutes he gives enough information to hook listeners in as well as make them want to read up on the facts. "
We say, "The minutiae details is what makes this podcast fascinating. Only 6 episodes are planned but that should change once people get gripped."
Description: Explore history’s interlocking lives and events. Turn back the clock, one story at a time. Discover how various strands are woven together to create a historic figure, a big idea or an unthinkable tragedy. From OZY Media. History. Unwound.
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Title: Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything
Type: Documentary
Recommended by Janet Levy, Stabl reader.
She says, "It's just one of those podcasts that I cannot wait to listen to every week, I love it. I particularly recommend listening to the Influencers double bill."
We say, "This podcast from Radiotopia has been on our radar for a while now. Fantastic stories scraping the surface of art and society. Nicely produced."
Description: Personally connecting the dots. All of them. Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX.
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Title: Sum Of All Parts
Type: Science
Recommended by Erik Jones via his fascinating newsletter.
He says, "I love well produced narrative podcasts that narrow their stories to one topic. There's 99 Percent Invisible for design, Planet Money for economics, 20 Thousand Hertz for sound. And now there is Sum of All Parts for math. Shoal Attack is the story of how looking at the behavior of large groups of animals helped Australia win the Netball championship vs their long time nemesis, New Zealand.
You might learn: Collective Behavior is a new field of scientific research that quantifies how and when the sum is greater than the parts. "
We say, "We were recently recommending science-based podcasts on the radio and missed this one out, the fools! Time to catch up... "
Description: Sum of All Parts tells extraordinary stories about the unseen influence that numbers have on the way we think, feel and behave.
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Title: Dirty John
Type: Narrative, Documentary, Mystery
Recommended by Sara Weber via her brill newsletter.
She says, "Dirty John, a co-production by the LA Times and Wondery, is fantastic: It feels like THE podcast of the fall, another great example of audio storytelling. The big question: Who is John, the guy that is in a relationship with Debra Newell?"
We say, "Another great example of a newspaper which understands the podcast format by bringing their journalistic expertise to the table. Very promising."
Description: Debra Newell is a successful interior designer. She meets John Meehan, a handsome man who seems to check all the boxes: attentive, available, just back from a year in Iraq with Doctors Without Borders. But her family doesn’t like John, and they get entangled in an increasingly complex web of love, deception, forgiveness, denial, and ultimately, survival. Reported and hosted by Christopher Goffard from the L.A. Times.
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Title: Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City
Type: History, Documentary
Recommended by Ashley from the fab Bello Collective.
She says, "I mention Stacia Brown every chance I get because not enough people know her work, particularly her series The Rise of Charm City, a documentary on the complicated history of Baltimore."
We say, "The perfect way to tell a local story, one to check out."
Description: A radio show and podcast telling intergenerational stories of place and memory in Baltimore City. Produced in partnership with WEAA 88.9 and AIR's Localore: Finding America project.
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Title: Deadly Manners
Type: Fiction, Mystery
Recommended by Dana from the fab Bello Collective.
She says, "...and then I can’t forget Deadly Manners which is already an instant classic of celebrity voices in a murder mystery dinner party. Agatha Christie would be proud."
We say, "Love, love, love this! And it's narrated by the legend that is LeVar Burton. Great foley, brilliant production, superstar cast. What's not to love?"
Description: Deadly Manners is a 10 episode, dark comedy murder-mystery series set in the winter of 1954. It follows the events during the night of the affluent Billings family annual dinner party with their distinguished, eccentric guests. However, all is not fun and games as shortly after the party starts, a snowstorm begins to rage outside, trapping all the partygoers inside their host’s mansion.

When a murderer starts killing off those in attendance, the guests must figure out who is responsible, or at least how to stay alive -- lest they be next. Deadly Manners was created by Ali Garfinkel and Alex Aldea. Deadly Manners stars Kristen Bell, Denis O'Hare, Alisha Boe, RuPaul, Anna Chlumsky, Timothy Simons, Michelle Visage, Alona Tal, David Cummings and is narrated by LeVar Burton. Artwork by Kina Lee.
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Title: Beware and Warning: A Choose Your Own Adventure Gameshow
Type: Fiction
Recommended by Jodi Hewett from Podcasters' Support Group [on Facebook].
She says, " I get such a kick out of Beware and Warning! I read choose your own adventure books as a kid and this show really takes me back to that enjoyment."
We say, "... not the best quality but worth checking out if this is your thing."
Description: Beware and Warning is a bi-weekly Choose Your Own Adventure Game Show! Every other week, we read a different Choose Your Own Adventure book with a guest, and see if we can make it through the danger, intrigue, and butt jokes to the end.
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Title: Behind The Belt (ABC)
Type: Comedy, Sport
Recommended by Andrew from ABC.
He says, "Even though I'm not a massive wrestling fan, I really love this podcast. The dynamic between the two [presenters] is great!"
We say, "We agree Andrew, fantastic new find..."
Description: A deep dive into pro wrestling with a journalist, a sound artist, and a guy who smashes people over the head with chairs for a living.
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Title: I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats
Type: Art, Music
Recommended by Erik Jones from Hurt Your Brain.
He says, "I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats is a collaboration between Joseph Fink from Welcome to Night Vale, and John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats. The first episode is The Best Ever Metal Band in Denton and features famous author and Mountain Goat super fan, John Green. It's part deep dive into The Mountain Goats, and part exploration of the creative process. It's like the best version of a friend nagging you that you really need to be into their favorite band."
We say, "Never meet your heros? This may change your mind..."
Description: Welcome to Night Vale creator Joseph Fink and the Mountain Goats singer/songwriter John Darnielle discuss what it means to be an artist, a fan, and both at once. They explore the stories behind the Mountain Goats' album All Hail West Texas, one song at time. Plus, brand new covers of each episode's song, from artists like Amanda Palmer, Andrew Bird, and Dessa.
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Title: We Hate Movies
Type: Fiction, Comedy
Recommended by Tony Dutcher from Podcasts We Listen To.
He says, "I know I can't be the only nostalgia podcast lover in here. [I love this one!]"
We say, "Lots of laughing and swearing... there's a tendency that the hosts talk over each other but if you like nostagia and naff movies, check it out!"
Description: Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.
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Title: BirdNote
Type: Nature, Science
Recommended by Lauren from The Big Listen.
She says, "This [rather] attractive show has been recommended by a reader."
We say, "One of a number of well-produced nature based podcasts growing in popularity. Refreshing... especially if you live in the city!"
Description: BirdNote is a two-minute radio show that combines rich sounds with engaging stories, to illustrate the amazing lives of birds and give listeners a momentary respite from the news of the day.
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Title: The Real Thing (ABC)
Type: Non-Fiction, Culture
Recommended by Ben from the Constant Listener.
He says, "The Aussie podcast boom is presently happening.
Personally I'm drawn to The Real Thing, a lovely program from producers Mike Williams and Timothy Nicastri that seeks to document smaller stories from Australian life in an artful manner."
We say, "We were hooked from the beginning. Fascinating and unique stories, brilliantly told."
Description: The Real Thing is in search of the real Australia. Each episode we venture into the corners to discover the characters, scenes and stories that make this country unique.
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Title Alone: A Love Story
Type Non-Fiction, Narrative
Recommended by The Audit.
They say, "From the Canadian national broadcaster - specifically, from inside the most private inner chambers of producer Michelle Parise - comes this first-person account of the making and breaking of a marriage. CBC dropped the whole 10-episode series last week, and we tipped headlong into it, following Parise from the first flush of her relationship with the man who would become her husband, through the pleasures and difficulties of marriage, into the painful present.
It's obviously extremely personal, and there is a wildness in Parise's descriptions of her own pain that makes us think it isn't entirely in the past. At times, it's uncomfortable, spilling over with the embarrassing self-regard of a journal. But discomfort is no bad thing.
Mostly, it is magical: honest, deeply felt, and beautifully scored, too. Thoughtful story editing by Veronica Simmonds, of Sleepover, Braidio and other good things."
We say, "Woah, strap in and feel the feels."
Description: Alone: A Love Story, is a bold new format for CBC Original Podcasts — a memoir about love, the bomb, and the fallout.
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Title Tumanbay
Type Fiction, Adventure
Recommended by Melissa Locker or woolyknickers from Pod People .
She says, "My new favorite audio drama is Tumanbay, which is well-produced, haunting, and kind of sounds like a Game of Thrones spinoff set in Dorne."
We say, "Epic drama from the BBC and Panoply. What's not to love?"
Description: Tumanbay, the beating heart of a vast empire, is threatened by a rebellion in a far-off province and a mysterious force devouring the empire from within. An epic medieval thriller inspired by the Mamluk slave rulers of Egypt, set in the most powerful city on earth. A story of slaves, spies, armies, betrayals, assassinations, deserts and plagues.
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Title Strong Opinions Loosely Held
Type Social-sciences, Adventure
Recommended by Monica Rivera on Podcasters' Support Group [on Facebook].
She says, "I'm kinda digging this show called, Strong Opinions Loosely Held. It's generally 30 mins or less and is about pop culture. If you're into food, House of Carbs is a fun one - don't listen on an empty stomach or you'll want to eat everything afterwards."
We say, "Season 2 has just finished. Interesting and engaging topics, one for the boardroom."
Description: Refinery 29's Elisa Kreisinger talks to today's culture makers and rule breakers to solve the mysteries behind our modern popular culture. Are the creative entrepreneurs we see across social media with a ton of followers making any money? What does our obsession with HGTV say about America? How can Taylor Swift sell squad goals after she's put women down? Why do we discount young women but embrace "early adopters"? This award winning podcast is back for season two starting July 10.
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Title Hostile Worlds
Type Science, Adventure
Recommended by Ma'ayan Plaut, Podcast Librarian at RadioPublic.
She says, "This new science podcast walks the line between fiction and non-fiction with a well-structured educational narrative that presents a new approach for incorporating scientific research and discovery into an sound-design forward exploration of space. The first episode brings into perspective Earth's place in the universe, introduces some key characters as we travel to the hostile places we've only dreamed about, and prepares us for the journeys ahead."
We say, "What a find by Ma'ayan! Great way to initiate yourself into the world of scientific exploration."
Description: Join us on a journey to some of the most inhospitable, humbling, and frighteningly beautiful places in the known universe. Hostile Worlds is podcast that lets you explore alien landscapes and extra-terrestrial terrain - all from the comfort of your headphones. From the freezing hydrocarbon oceans of Titan, to the scorched, and suffocating wastes of Venus – we’ll take you on an educational and immersive audio tour to all the places you’d die to see… and places you’d die if you saw.
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Title Scene on Radio
Type Society, Culture
Recommended by Dave Pickering on the Podcasters' Support Group [on Facebook].
They say, "I'm working through the amazing Scene on Radio series Seeing White. I really recommend it."
We say, "Fascinating documentary-style programme on the issue of discrimination in the USA today. Well produced and very well researched."
Description: Scene on Radio is a documentary show that asks, How’s it going in our society and culture? And leaves the studio to find out. Our current series, Seeing White, explores the history and meaning of Whiteness in American life. Produced and hosted by public radio veteran John Biewen at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

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Title The Unmissables
Type TV, Pop Culture
Recommended by Guardian podcasts.
They say, "The Unmissables is an attempt by Heat magazine to create a podcast about pop culture – mostly TV programmes – in the same style as the Kermode and Mayo film review podcast. And it succeeds, on and off. Presenters Boyd Hilton, Kay Ribeiro and Steph Seelan are clearly good friends, but they need to stop talking over one another, hold back on the interjections and let us hear their extensive knowledge as well as their gasps, yeahs and oh my Gods."
We say, "If you like your pop culture and presenters that get excited easily, then this is for you."
Description: A weekly deep dive into TV & Pop Culture from Boyd Hilton, Kay Ribeiro and Steph Seelan

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Title Pregnant Pause
Type Life, Culture
Recommended by Guardian podcasts.
They say, "my favourite parts are the fly-on-the-wall moments: Zak and Shira breaking into a silly, spontaneous song; Shira crying after a negative pregnancy test; Zak asking a new mom friend, “Why do parents always need so many bags?” If only more couples approached parenthood with this much honesty and humility."
We say, "Powerful and deeply personal, this is a great example of how podcasts get beneath the listener's skin".
Description: Over a year ago, Zak and Shira began discussing whether they should have kids. They conferred with friends, family, writers, scientists, and philosophers along the way. Pregnant Pause is their intimate account of making the most important decision of their lives (so far).

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Title Fictional
Type Literature
Recommended by Stabl reader Steve Butterworth.
He says, "has Fictional been recommended to you? listened to the first three episodes and it's very good."
We say, It is good! If you like audio books and a twist on a classic, be sure to check it out. Thanks Steve.
Description: Classic lit with a modern tone, every other week. From the creators of Myths and Legends, comes an altogether same-but-different podcast set in the world of classic lit. These are the stories of Dracula, The Time Machine, The Three Musketeers. They're stories written by Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and H.P. Lovecraft, but with a casual, modern tone. Listen as Jason and Carissa Weiser breathe new life into the classics and tell the stories of some of the greatest books ever written.

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Title Ear Hustle (Radiotopia)
Type Society, Culture
Recommended by Phil Maguire from the Podcasters' Support Group (on Facebook)
They say, "I recommend the Boom Boom Room episode."
We say, Fantastic concept, brilliantly executed. This show is exactly what you want from a 'beneath-the-surface' programme about the day-to-day life of a brutal US gaol system. It very much 'humanises' the whole thing.
Description: Ear Hustle brings you the stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it. The podcast is a partnership between Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area artist. The team works in San Quentin’s media lab to produce stories that are sometimes difficult, often funny and always honest, offering a nuanced view of people living within the American prison system.

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Title How Do You Sleep At Night? (ABC)
Type Society, Culture
Recommended by Stabl reader, Tom Hoggins
They say, "I don't know if you listen to many Australian podcasts, but this is a new one and I love it! I feel like I'm getting judged constantly, so it's nice to hear someone else' perspective on getting judged."
We say, ABC have yet again pulled a doozie ot of the bag - I love the idea and the episodes the studio have produced so far points towards promoising things to come.
Description: How Do You Sleep At Night? is a new podcast hosted by Hack’s Sarah McVeigh. It’s about people who live their lives in the face of judgement. You’ll meet characters including a big tobacco lobbyist and big game hunters, a killer and a stock market manipulator. The show explores the different moral codes we all live by. Because no one thinks they’re a bad person, right?

Link Click here to subscribe on iTunes, and here for more info. Oh, and ABC have their own listening app. Download via the Apple App Store or Google Play if ya fancy.


Title Live from the Poundstone Institute (NPR)
Type Comedy, Education
Recommended by Jan Sinta from Podcasts We Listen To [on Facebook].
They say, "One of the freshest shows out there!"
Description: Paula Poundstone is on a quest to gather all of the world's knowledge. Or, as she puts it, "to get less stupid, one topic at a time." Follow her search as she looks to scientists, researchers, and experts for evidence about everything from what music cats like to the fluid dynamics of spilling coffee.

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Title Pod Save America
Type News and Politics
Recommended by Calen Cross from Podcasts We Listen To [on Facebook].
They say, "Straight shooters, respected on all sides… man, I love Jon Lovett's wit."
Description: Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency.

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Title The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health
Type Wellbeing
Recommended by Shaunagh Foy from Podcasts We Listen To [on Facebook].
They say, "I'm a psychologist and really liked this..."
Description: The Savvy Psychologist takes the science and practice of psychology and makes them approachable, useful, and entertaining. Host Dr. Ellen Hendriksen answers your mental health questions, from wild to mild, and demystifies what goes on in your own head. She pulls back the curtain on therapists’ techniques, translates the latest in behavioral science research, and reminds us of the psychological wisdom of the ages. From helping a child experiencing nightmares, to minimizing distractibility, to fighting anxiety, you can count on the Savvy Psychologist’s to help you achieve a healthier emotional life.

Link Click here to subscribe on iTunes. Wowzers trousers!


Title A Piece of Work
Type Art
Recommended by Lauren from The Big Listen.
They say, "Broad City creator and star Abbi Jacobson tells a delightful story of one of her earliest experiences with the Museum of Modern Art — known as the MoMA — in New York. With a newly minted degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Jacobson moved to New York City in hopes of becoming an illustrator. But like so many art school grads, Jacobson struggled to make ends meet."
Description: Hosted by Abbi Jacobson, it’s everything you want to know about modern art but were afraid to ask.

Link Click here to find out more. Heeeeey!


Title Adrift from Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port
Type Fiction
Recommended by Stabl reader Robert Howard on 12th September, 2017.
They say, "my favourite podcast is Adrift from Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port. It promises little and delivers even less.... seriously though these two used to be on Absolute Radio and left to start this. Two friends chatting about this nonsensical world. Give it a go - you won't be disappointed though that's no guarantee..."
Description: a comic tragedy for anyone flailing in the sea of their own inadequacy. Sony Radio Award winners Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port steer a life-raft through the choppy waters of being a functional human.

Link Click here to find out more. Sweet!

Title [Night Vale presents] Within the Wires
Type Fiction
Recommended by The Guardian on 8th September, 2017.
They say, "Last season comprised 10 relaxation tapes that were sinister and surreal. They quietly laid a bloody trail of horror. The new season is an equally unnerving take on museum audio guides. The first instalment is set in the Tate Modern and narrated by Rima Te Wiata, who plays an artist talking about the work of her mentor, the mysterious Claudia Atiero, who disappeared suddenly. She paints a picture of a parallel world, after “the great reckoning” – a revolution that changed the way people lived."
Link Click here to discover more about the show. Hunky-Dorey!

Title First Day Back
Type Fiction
Recommended by Lauren from The Big Listen on 8th September, 2017
Lauren says (Season 2) — A woman returns to the outside world after years in prison for killing her husband...which she doesn’t actually remember doing. Tally Abecassis follows Lucie Paquette in the year that she reacclimates to life on the outside. Prepare for all the feels.
Link Click here to discover more about the show. Bonza!

Title How Sound
Type Real Life
Recommended by Dana from Bello Collective on 8th September, 2017
Link Click here to discover more about the show. Ggggreattt!

That Classical Podcast #music
Recommended by Stabl on 8th September, 2017
Here's a link to discover more about the show. Schwing!

Ben and Liam: Triple J breakfast #popculture
Recommended by Stabl on 8th September, 2017
Here's a link to discover more about the show. Nice!

All Songs Considered from NPR #music
Recommended by Stabl on 8th September, 2017
Here's a link to discover more about the show. Boom-town!