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Today's Pick

The Long Way Home podcast

Long Way Home (RNZ)

Tim from Radio New Zealand flagged a new programme from their stable, "A podcast that is running now is our unique ‘real time’ podcast that follows actor Bruce Hopkins (incl Lord of the Rings) as he walks form one end of NZ to the other, carrying the ashes of his dead father and brother back to where they were born, on Stewart Is. He records as he walks and we turn around the audio within the week. So you can follow Bruce and all his trials and triumphs (and get a slice of NZ life) as he walks and walks..."


Today's Pick

The Words podcast

The Words Podcast

From The Guardian's Hear Here newsletter, "Simon and Schuster’s bookish new podcast combines lively but never laboured debate with readings from authors’ works. The first episode with Laura Bates (Everyday Sexism, Misogynation), Sarah Vaughan (Anatomy of a Scandal) and Anne Helen Peterson (Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud) tackles the issue of sexism, from labelling women as “shrill” to Hollywood’s casting couch and how a post-Weinstein landscape looks. It’s topical and thought-provoking with flashes of frustration and anger."


Today's Pick

Cocaine and Rhinestones podcast

Cocaine and Rhinestones

Recommended by the Pod People newsletter, "I've been meaning to mention this podcast for awhile: Cocaine and Rhinestones is a deep dive into the stories and characters that make up country music. You really don't need to be a country music fan to listen to these jaw-dropping stories. Sex, drugs, and fist fights are just the beginning and that's just the story of the Judds."


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